Mermaid Tails


Be “mer-mazing” with these gorgeous mermaid tail wax melts.
Each tail is fragranced to let off an “tan-tail-izing” smell, then carefully poured to create a two-tone blend, and glittered to add that extra sparkle.

Colour Chart:

Fragrance: Colour: Fragrance: Colour:
Almond White & Light Brown Lemon White & Yellow
Bubblegum Blue & Pink Mango Orange & Yellow
Caramel & Vanilla Caramel & White Ocean Mist Light Blue & Dark Blue
Choc Mint Brown & Green Pear & Cinnamon Brown & White
Chocolate White & Brown Peppermint Green & White
Christmas Pudding Green & Red Strawberry Red & White
Citronella Yellow & White Summer Cocktail Orange & Red
Coconut & Lime Lime & White Vanilla White & Black
Coffee Light Brown & Dark Brown Other Dependent on fragrance
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